Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ambush Bug: You know you want to get this

Its still a month before Earth's wackiest(yeah I know it sounds corny) returns but DC has already released a one page preview featuring Ambush Bug and his favorite companion. Yes, the mighty Darkseid. Take a look if you don't believe me. With JH Williams III doing cover duty for the first issue, Jim Starlin for the second issue, I can't wait to find out who gets to do the others.


Custom Coaster said...

Hey I just came over from the Andy boards and your thoughts seemed really keen. I too can't wait to read the new Ambush Bug, since the character gets thrown around I like that since it really fits. I've been a fan of the creator so this really is a must buy for me, but I only worry if the artist is too stiff. I've been looking through a lot of books recently and I've been having a trouble liking the books I've heard good things about since the writing is somewhat good, but a lot of the fans are like "Man this is some great novel" and the art is like cut outs from a Vogue amgazine. Well back to the point I like your blog and this book really is worth a thumb through at the least.

Moored said...

Thanks for the comments. And I get what you are saying about the art, but because its Giffen drawing this, I think this will both be a great read, as well as look good.

Custom Coaster said...

Oh he's drawing it too then yeah the art is amazing like he's one of the best out there. I'm not too happy with realism, but he really knows how to create motion well and keeping the story with the pictures. There is nothing but joy from his works in short.