Thursday, April 3, 2008

Secret Invasion #1

Because This is supposed to be hot, right.

I am primarily a DC fan. I like my fair share of Marvel(by fair, I mean 2 or 3 titles) but I like to think that if there's something good from either company I'll read it. So reading this was an endeavor in that direction.

And besides its supposed to be hot, right.

I came into this without ever having read either of the Avengers titles. Well except that one issue where Elektra is killed, and turns out to be a skrull. I disliked that issue immensely and decided that not reading Avengers was a good decision on my part. I even read the first issue of Mighty Avengers. And the use of thought balloons was so nonsensical, I decided to not try any further.

Right, thats the background. No previous knowledge of where this title is coming from. The issue opens with........ Ok, I don't think that method of reviewing will work, because this issue really didn't have a plot. It was a series of reveals. With first character A revealed then character B and then a whole spaceship worth of possible characters. All of that w have been cool, IF, I actually knew most of these characters. I was actually revealed in the online prologue that Dum Dum Dugan was a skrull. Now that would mean something to me if I actually knew who this Dugan fellow is. And then there's that full page of Mar-vell indicating that either he's a skrull or he knows someone at Thunderbolts is. And I have no idea who Mar-vell is. Am I supposed to think that Bendis is trying to tell me, go read the tie-in issues because I can't tell you everything here. Is that what self-contained is supposed to mean. I don't think so. And if this crossover is supposed to bring in new fans, well then good for Marvel. But the new fans might not last long reading such a series.

So instead of a plot, we have a series of reveals. And instead of a script, we have what I may refer to as Bendis-speak. Because thats what most of the dialogue, especially in the pages containing Stark, Pym and Reed had. Bendis-speak. Unreal, unfunny and without the slightest amount of edge which a title whose entire premise is an underlying paranoia, is supposed to have. Then again, writing like this is the primary reason I do not like Bendis writing superheroes.

Yu, on the other hand impressed me. While I would hardly call his faces expressive, the actual line work was good, making you want to look at the pages slightly longer than what a Bendis script would make you.

Mind you, this was more of an analysis. When I first read it, I felt it was alright. Nothing brilliant but readable. On the other hand an analysis of the issue would make it out to be worse than it actually is. Why that discrepancy? Possibly the fact that the scope here is huge. That feeling you get when you are going into a blockbuster movie which sometimes clouds your judgement because of the preconceived notions about it. Thats what this has.

Besides, how can I not like the fact that both DC/Marvel are basing their big events this year on Kirby's stories. That counts for a lot in my book. But then again, in my book, Morrison has no equal in skill. That may indicate where my sympathies lie in terms of stories I am looking forward to.

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